Wednesday, October 19, 2011

UNABASHED: Amber Riley

How many people watch Glee??? I'm assuming most of you, because if you're not watching it then you are seriously missing out on some good entertainment..... Anyways, my favorite characters is Mercedes Jones, the feisty, no-nonsense diva with one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard.... and the cherry on top is that she just happens to be plus size. Mercedes character is played by the fabulous Miss Amber Riley. Miss Riley, aged 25, was born and raised in California, and she is one of my plus size inspirations.....

Ever since she graced our screens and various red carpets, I've had my eye on her. Her style has intrigued and captivated me. She always looks amazing.... whether she is dressed down....

or dressed up....

Her style is impeccable!!!! And when i heard that she would be having a spread in Essence Magazines March Issue, I was super excited!!!! Just look how gorgeous she looks....

I think Amber Riley is well on her way to become a plus size fashion icon..... her clothes always look great on her, and her hair and make up is always flawless. Whoever her style team is sure know what their doing.... lol. Take a look at some of my fav Amber pics below.....

I think Amber Riley is just fabulous, she really shows us that plus size girls can look great too.... If i was ever to move to the US and become famous, I could definitely see myself being best friends with

Until next time,

Stay succulent!!!


  1. Beautiful
    She looks amazing, so confident

    Kiwi ..x

  2. who cares if she is fat she is sooooo fuckin pretty!!!!!!!!!!