Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New plus size store: Eddy and Bri

Eddy and Bri is a new plus size fashion store than launched officially this week. It is founded by Eddwina Gregg and her fiancée. Seeing as Eddwina is a fellow succulent sister and plus size model, I can safely say that I would trust her with my clothes.... she knows what she's doing. Their motto is "fashion for your curves," and that is exactly what they provide with their gorgeous pieces that practically anyone can wear to go basically everywhere.... and you want to know what the best thing is???? NOTHING IS ABOVE $100! In their own words....

"We want you to look good in what you purchase, but more importantly, we want you to feel good about the amount you spend - no item is priced over $100.00. You can look great without having to break the bank!"

Can I get an amen from all you struggling student??? lol..... They have gorgeous tops, skirts, dresses and even outerwear. They also have cute accessories too. Check out some of my favorites below....

To check out more of the gorgeousness, visit www.eddyandbri.com. I know I'm going to buy up their whole store when I get the chance!!!!

Stay succulent!


  1. Those pieces are sooo cute! I adore the peplum dress...totally see myself rocking that!

    P.S. Thanks for joining my page <3

  2. No problem.... and thanks for following back!!! :-)

  3. You get good tastes! I just like mens leather jackets.I have a new one. Leather is very soft leather. Very well stitched, no hanging threads. Collar and pockets are all I love.