Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shoegasms with Ashley Stewart......

I love shoes..... no, seriously, I don't think you understand..... I LOVE SHOES!!!! Some people think my love for shoes is excessive, but anyways, whatever. I mean, we can't live without shoes.... how would we walk???? how would we complete our outfits???? lol

Anyways, I was pretty excited when Ashley Stewart released their shoe collection. Their clothes are awesome so I knew that their shoes would be great, but i must say, they went beyond what i expected.... they really impressed me. I had total shoegasms looking at their shoes, I couldn't tear myself away for the computer, lol.  Here are some of my favorites from the collection.....

Beautiful right???? If you want to buy their shoes or check out what other stuff they have, visit their website at www.ashleystewart.com

Stay succulent!!!


  1. I Love your blogg reBECCAAAA lol :) keep it up! :D

  2. Ashley Stewart is the best place to shop I always shop at Ashley Stewart...:)nice post...