Ours is a vanity that is prohibited...

So many times I've been asked, "don't you want to lose weight?" This question often comes with a look of disgust or worry as the asker waits for my response. Too many times I've been faced with looks of scorn as I walk down the street because not only do I have the nerve to be fat, but I dare to walk around happy and enjoying it! For too long, being plus sized, or bigger than the average, has been looked upon as something that is wrong. I have never been skinny, or average. I have always been "the bigger girl", and growing up, society made me feel like there was something wrong with me because of that.

All my life, I struggled with low self-esteem because I felt that there was something wrong with me. I felt like I wasn't normal, I wasn't beautiful, I felt like I was disgusting. But one day, I was 17 I think, a friend of my bought me a DVD and told me that I had to watch it. The movie was 'Phat Girlz' with Mo'Nique. I'm not ashamed to say that that movie changed my life. It changed my outlook on myself. It made me realize that there was nothing wrong with me. It made me see that BIG can be beautiful too. That movie was the start of a long road to self acceptance.

Now, I'm happy to say that I'm not as self conscious as I used to be. Now, I'm not ashamed to dress up and look good because now I know it's OK for a fat girl to look good. Fat girls don't have to hide their beauty anymore. I don't need to be ashamed of not being skinny, and that is the main message that I want to send through this blog. I want society to see that fat can be beautiful, it can be fashionable and it can look good. I want other women to see that being fat is not a curse, being fat is not a death sentence. I want other bigger women to see that you don't have to be just fat, you can be SEXY SUCCULENT too!!!

My blog is a place where there will be no discrimination. It is a place where people can air their views and encourage each other. It is a place where people can come to be inspired, to see that they are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with them.... I'm going to show you who and what inspires me and why. I'm going to show you a lot....

Welcome to the place where Forbidden Vanity is free to be expressed!!!!!