Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Style Resolutions

Last year was a great year for me, but I know 2014 is going to be AMAZING! I definitely found out a lot about myself and stepped out of my fashion box quite a bit.... but in 2014 I really want to push myself even further and explore my style and fashion sense. For that reason, I have decided not only to come up with my general resolutions, but to also come up with some style resolutions for this new year.

My resolutions may seem to cover a broad spectrum of things but that's just because for me, style not only refers to the clothes you wear, but encompasses a whole lot of things. From the way you style your hair, to the nail polish color you choose to wear to the accessories you use and how you use them.... but this is just how I define style.

I have already started working on one of my style resolutions, which was to take better care of my hair and figure out what works best for it. In an effort to start fresh and not to hinder my efforts, I decided to... 

SHAVE MY HEAD!!! Some of my friends think I look like a boy, and some say I look a lot younger now, but oh well. The choice was mine and I like it! Which is another one of my style resolutions..... 

Here is a list of some of my style resolutions:
  • Buy cute gym clothes
  • Get my eyebrows done regularly
  • Invest in some good shape wear
  • Wear more colors
  • Experiment with patterns
  • Take more pictures
  • Shop somewhere new
  • Buy a pair of running shoes
  • Thrift more
  • Invest in some amazing signature pieces
  • Get my tragus pierced.... again
  • Play around with length.... whether it be shorts, skirts, tops or dresses
  • Do more with my nails
  • Get more accessories, especially necklaces
  • Wear actual pants.... not leggings
  • Don't get scared away by the price, especially if it is a versatile or signature piece
  • Practice accessorizing
  • Believe that there are no rules
  • If I can't find it, i will learn to DIY it!
I think my biggest style resolution that I think everyone should add to their list, no matter who they are, is to wear whatever you want and feel good in the process.

Did you come up with any style resolutions this year? Send me an email if you can think of any good ones that I should add to my list. Feel free to share them down below as well.... and remember:

Stay Succulent!


  1. If you stick to these, your blog is going to have a very interesting year. Lol. Good luck :)

    1. Thanks boo!!! That's the plan!!!! P.S: Miss you!

  2. These are great resolutions. I look forward to reading all about them on your blog.

    Love the new do by the way! I think it's cute and bold.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  3. great......kep t up baby!